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So what is HMCS GREAT ADVENTURE! about, anyway? I mean, REALLY.
by DylanJBlakeley

I've come up with a tagline: "The most Canadian webcomic ever made!"

A bit brash, sure. Probably not entirely true, either, for all I know. But that's the goal - this is  what I want HMCS GREAT ADVENTURE! to be.

The real trick, here, is to do it without coming across as cheesy or lame. This is a big problem with how Canadians are depicted in US media; heck, it's a big problem with how we depict ourselves. Just look at Jim Carrey in the Anchorman sequel. Ugh.

Anyway, my point here is that there's more to Canadian culture than what Americans, Canadians, and heck, the entire world is seeing. And that's especially true of our military. Canadian military culture is... different to say the least. Most Canadians probably think of Full Metal Jacket when they try and picture our army, and the navy? Other than the fact that it's small (and it really isn't, in the grand scheme of things - compared to the USN pretty much any navy in the world is small), Canadians know next to nothing about it. But rather than just try and create "Terminal Lance for the RCN" (Terminal Leading Seaman?), I decided to have some fun with it and give it a sci-fi angle.

I've been toying with the idea of a "navy in space" sort of story for a while now, thinking it might be a good idea for a novel, or a series of novels. Well, of COURSE it was a good idea - it's been done several times, now! So while it wasn't an entirely original concept, I figured that my rather unique experience as a Canadian naval officer would at least provide a different take on the genre. It was my good friend Kris, however, who provided the idea of a literal Royal Canadian Navy in space. That's an interesting story in its own right - and I'm hoping it's not finished, so I'll save that for another time.

In the end, all I'm trying to do here is provide readers with a small slice of genuine Canadian military culture - a perspective few have ever been privileged to experience first hand - in a fun, unabashedly geeky, no holds barred kind of way. And I can promise you one thing: it won't be cheesy! What do you think this is, the Royal Canadian Air Farce? Hell no, it's the Royal Canadian Space Navy. Completely different.

Ready, Aye, Ready!

Dylan J. Blakeley

Captain's Log, 14 Dec 14
by DylanJBlakeley

I really need to start using this. You might not be aware of this, but navies around the world consider logs to be serious business! So it shall be with the Royal Canadian Space Navy...

Unfortunately, last night featured much drinking and little sleep, and thus I shall be turning in early. Eh, I'd probably just talk about collecting action figures or Netflix's Marco Polo (just watched the first episode), anyway. You're not missing anything.